Text: Or how I learned to <Fluff>

A collection of stories, art and history.

      a.bunnys.tale              A story with a moral
      ascii.bunnies              All the bunnies that are fit to print
      big.ascii.art              Not the small stuff...
      bunny-burgers              You don't want to know. Really.
      bunnymaniacs.song          A rocking tune
      bunny.moment               Twixt cup and lip, there is many a slip
      christmas.party            The (in?)famous Christmas party
      fudd.anthem                With their fireaxes over their hearts...
      fudd.haikus                Fudd poetry
      group.ascii.art            Mix and match!
      holy.grail                 A retelling of one of the first
                                 encounters with a devilbunny
      katen.alt.db.history       The history of alt.devilbunnies as
                                 recalled by John Katen
      small.ascii.art            Itty Bitty Bunnies...

Much thanks to the people who contributed these files.

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