Fudd Haikus

From: grimbergen@nici.kun.nl (The BunnyBasher)
Subject: A collection of haiku poems
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 10:40:49 GMT

For BunnyMother:

A ferrotti hunt
The death of BunnyMother
Leaves the warren cold

For SC:

A bunny like her
Death will be her destiny
Cute as she may be

For the Mentats:

"Science" of mentats
Mutation into cuteness
The horror of it

For Bill:

The hunter extreme
Casts his mighty shadow on
Yet another corpse

For Lisa:

The howl of the wolf
Makes devilbunnies shiver
Deep in the dark woods

For Sharree:

Will Sharree say that
With fourteen feet ferrotti
Size does not matter?

For John:

"Kill them all", John cries
But shares with BunnyMother
Feelings for a child

For Green Bug:

The sound of the horn
Devilbunnies flee in fear
From snowy mountains

For our martyrs:

For fallen hunters
Even in the closest fight
A tear in my eye

For the fireaxe:

All that remains as
The fireaxe sings its song
Is nibbled lettuce

For a good rest:

After a long day
And counting all your ten toes
A well-deserved sleep

The BunnyBasher

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