Fudd Anthem

From: odonnll9@ac.wfu.edu (o'donnell lisa lynn)
Subject: FuddAnthem
Date: 10 Dec 1993 00:34:02 GMT

The idea of a Fudd Anthem has been knocking about in my brain for the last few days. Here's the result. Enjoy. <wuff>

The Battle Hymn of the BunnyHunters


(to the tune of... well, it outta be obvious)

Mine ears have heard the glory of the death screams of DBs!
Oh, with fireaxes swinging we will bring them to their knees.
Human Fudds and lupines and Ferrotti come and see,
The Hunters marching on!


Death, death to DevilBunnies!
Death, O death to DevilBunnies!
Death, death to DevilBunnies!
The Fudds are marching on!

Oh the Bunnies oft will cuddle up and seem so awfully sweet.
They'll pretend to be your bestest friend, and then your toes they'll eat.
Oh how they love that human flesh; you'd better watch your feet,
But the Fudds are marching on!


Among our ranks are human Fudds who fight quite valiently.
BunnyBasher, Sgt. Saak, and (recov'ring) William Keyes.
Oh, how the Bunnies tremble in fear when these they see!
The Fudds are marching on!


The humans have as allies the val'ient Ferrotti.
Fourteen feet they are in length and none of it is weak.
And also there are lupines who also fight DBs.
The Fudds are marching on!

(last chorus)

... That last verse could probably use some work. Any suggestions?

the Werewolf
(BTW, I'm only taking pro-Fudd suggestions)


From: ac351@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (John Chaffey)
Subject: re: Song for DevilBunnies
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 1994 03:13:13 GMT

(Battle Hymn of the Republic)

My toes have felt the pinches of a thousand bunny bites
My soul has been the battleground of countless bunny fights
I'm tired but I must go on because I know it's right!
The Fudds go marching on...

Slaughter, slaughter, devil BUNnies
Slaughter, slaughter, devil BUNnies
Slaughter, slaughter, devil BUNnies
The Fudds are marching on

Humanity is threatened by the bunny hobnail boot
You can't stand by and close an eye and try remaining mute
The thing that makes it hard is that
They're just so goddam cute!
The Fudds go marching on...


The Basher, Bill and Green Bug have been fighting side by side
Ferrotti come in legions and the best of them have died
The Werewolf mourns her plaintive cry of everlasting pride
The Fudds go marching on...


Gory, Gory, how we'll DO 'ya
Fireax slashing down right through 'ya
Showers of pain from my urETHra
The Fudds go marching on...


The day will come when all is calm and harmony abounds
We'll honor Fudds who died for us on devilbunny grounds
When all the kids are tucked in bed, a bunny will be found -
and the Fudds go marching on...


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