From: fteacher@denverwarren.edu
Subject: Song for DevilBunnies

Hi all. This song was written by a bunny who wishes to remain anonymous. I helped a little so I got to post it. It's sung to the tune of the "Anamanicas" theme song. It should also be dedicated to those brave bunnies mentioned that gave their lives in this battle. Enjoy.

--by FluffyTeacher and RegularBunny

It's time for bunny victory
And you Fudds should all now flee
Mother Earth we all will free
Don't you love a soft bunny?
We are all soft bunnies.

Come join the Mentat Brothers
and the BunnyMother too.
Just for fun we love to eat
Some tasty Fudd-toe stew.
Fudds chop us into peices
an evil thing to do.
But buns are fun!
We're number one!
What else are we to do?

The DBs are so cool
SC's cute
and LonGear's cruel
FluffyTeacher teachers school
While the Fudds all play the fool!
The DBs are so cool!

With Sharree and Kmmmm-Lkkk who want to eat the pretty buns
When Bill gets out his fire-axe then all the rabbits run.
'Basher talks of winning
but Lisa will not come.
The buns will win it is a sin
The Fudds will have no fun!

We are the master race!
And we will bite off your face
Your toes are good to taste
And your ears won't go to waste.

We are the bunnies
Don't you think it's funny?
Look out honey
We are the Devil Bunnies!
(Those are the facts!)

** Tammy Sue Heming ** tsheming@lamar.colostate.edu **
**            The New Teacher on the Block          **

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