Japan Falls to the Kawaii(*)

[Secret Photo]

Confirming the suspicions of those who have been observing the Anime phenomenon - Japan has fallen to the Cute. These secretly obtained photos show just how far this insideous threat has gone.

Notice the apparently oh so innocent toe nibbling. Bunny symps everywhere are warned that it could be YOU next. First a little innocent toe nibbling - then bam! Bunny symp spam-burgers (Shorthare's special recipie).

[Recruiting Poster]
Then there is the Bunny Symp recruiting poster. 'Nuff said.

If there is any doubt left in your mind, just take a look at the Cute Page.

Is no country safe from the fearsomely fluffy fiends?

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* Kawaii is Japanese for Cute

Toe Nibbling picture taken from cover of 'Tenchi Muyo'
Recruitment picture from 'Anime No Otaku'

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