Toe^H^H^HSound Bytes

o [1 Meg] Ozzy Fudd. What? You didn't know Elmer is a rocker?
  (MPEG2 soundfile)
o [ 23K] What's Up Doc?
o [ 20K] There's something skwewey awound here.
o [313K] A Creature so foul...
o [ 38K] Death awaits you all...
o [394K] What? Behind the Rabbit?
o [240K] Run Away!!!
o [ 35K] Behold the cave of...
o [ 47K] Dust Bunnies!
o [ 40K] That's when the Dust Bunnies come out.
o [ 36K] The Dust Bunny Slayer.
o [617K] Elmer Fudd's Cwistmass Cwassics.
o [109K] One rabbit stew coming right up...

Much thanks to Douglas MacDougall, who contributed most of these sound files.

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