Story Time

A little white doe with grey forepaws sits on a large Ferrotti skin rug before a blazing fire. She stares at the fire for a while, then notices that she has an audience. Daphnie smiles cutely, wiggles over a little bit, and indicates for her friends to sit next to her. After everyone is comfortable, she fluffs and clears her throat.

"Picture if you will," she begins softly. "It is the year 1994, earth. The world as we know it is out there, just outside this warren. Clinton is president, Saddam Hussein is acting up in the mid-east again, Frith only knows what's going on with OJ [giggle] The world is exactly as we know it."

"Only there's one little thing that is different. This little thing is so subtle as to almost be unnoticable unless you know what you are looking for [wiggle] Do you know what that something is?" Daphnie looks over at her friends sitting next to her on the soft furry rug, and smiles cutely. "It is that bunnies are dangerous."

She pauses a moment to let this sink in, then continues. "No, not just dangerous," she corrects herself, "but deadly! And not just deadly, but highly intelligent, and above all, as cute as a bunny can be."

"There is a war going on right now," she says, "between the cute but deadly bunny rabbits, and the few lone humans who know the Truth About Bunnies(TM)."

For a while, the only sound that is heard is the crackling of the fire. After a few minutes, Daphnie speaks again. "That's it. That's my story. Choose a side, join the war, or just lurk a while and enjoy the stories and banter."

The audience rustles. "Wow! The possiblities are endless! Laser cannons! Space ships! Cthulu rises from the ocean! Trolls and fairies! Mummies and vampires and the living dead! Powered battle armor! Invasions from other planets! Troops of guys with machine guns running around the streets of my hometown! Teleportation cubes! Use the force, Luke!"

Daphnie lets the audience continue for a while, then clears her throat again. "I'm sorry, something must be unclear. Let me repeat myself [fluffle] The world is exactly as we know it, except for one small, subtle point. Bunnies are dangerous. That's it."

The audience shifts for a moment. "What, no Cthulu? No powered battle armor?" Daphnie shakes her head, and the audience frowns. "No Luke Skywalker? No vampires?" Again, the little bunny indicates the negative.

"What about machine guns? There are such things as machine guns in the late 20th century!" Yes, Daphnie says, but try to bring your machine gun to the mall someday, and see what happens [gigglehop]

"I joined this group because, to me, the premise just seems so logical, as well as fun. I mean, I just can't think of a better predator for humans than a carnivorous bunny! [gigglehophophop] And the fact that everything seemed so well developed, and that everything seemed to fit right in-you could almost believe that there really was a secret war going on right under the noses of humanity! [poof]"

"One of the best things was that there wasn't, in general, any access to things that people in 1994 don't have access to! There's no such things as laser cannons, so the Army of Fudd(TM) uses fireaxes and shotguns [fluff] Aliens have not, to my knowledge, landed, so there aren't any aliens on the group [poof] Even the things that seem far-fetched (like BunnyVirus) are perfectly, scientifically, feasible, and as one who loves the sciences, that is important to me. People here don't ignore the principles of logic [flumpf], which makes alt.dbs just so much better than anything else I've seen before."

"But to me, when people keep pushing the envelope of plausability, it gets less and less enjoyable. I think that's one reason why we have the ground rules (praise praise! [giggle]) To keep people from going too far astray from the group [puff] We are, at our heart, fuzzy bunnies who kill people, and the brave but lonely few who fight them. We are also rooted in the 20th century, using little beyond 20th century technology."

The little doe sighs. "Anyway, I just thought that needed to be said. It's important to me that we don't lose the focus that attracted me here to begin with [fluffle]"

"And for all of those folks out there who are intent on making this into an "Anything goes" group, please consider this fair warning. Daphnie won't play with you unless you take the groundrules to heart [fluffstomp] And I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way [STOMP]"

-- Daphnie Mentat

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