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Written on Nov 11 1993. Updated 14May1993, 1Oct1994, 9Nov1994, 10Dec1994, 22Jul1997, 18Nov1999, 14Aug2000.
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Compiled and edited by Bill Keyes, with help from Jinx and Strawberry. The majority written by Shadow Child, the DB of the East, and others too numerous to list. Thanks all.

What is this group all about?

The battle between the Fudds (humans who are aware of DBs and seek to maintain their dominance and destruction of the Earth and other species) and the Devilbunnies.

You've got to be kidding.

Uh-huh. Mankind is busy raping and plundering the Earth while the Devilbunnies fight a desperate battle to save our planet from their wasteful ways.  Are you just going to sit back and watch?

What are Devilbunnies?

The Bunnies are a species dedicated to the reclamation of the earth for the innocent creatures that live therein. We Devilbunnies seek to repair the damage humans do, and to protect mother Earth. We will succeed because we are smarter, quicker, more innovative, and right. We shall overcome!

How did the Devilbunnies come about?

How Devilbunnies acquired their remarkable intelligence and abilities is best left unsaid. Devilbunnies are nearly indistinguishable from our "normal" lapine cousins, so trying to separate the two is next to worthless.

Why so bent on erasing humanity?

The Devilbunnies are well aware that humanity's trend is to end in the complete destruction of nature and all non-human species, and possibly the human species as well. Various animal diplomats have tried to reason with the humans (Flipper, Smokey the Bear, Hound McGruff, etc.) but to no avail. The only solution, unfortunately, is a complete takeover.

What's with all the human-flesh-eating?

Well, we do have vorpal incisors, razor-sharp claws, and powerful bounding feet [stomp!]. Although such viciousness might be otherwise unwelcome, is does prove quite handy against those tricky Fudds.

What is the tastiest part of a Fudd?

Their toes. They make great stews, ice cream, pies, casseroles, almost any main dish, appetizers, side dish, dessert, and so on! They're also handy for making keychains, paperweights, and many more useful products.

But if Devilbunnies have taken up the human traits of intelligence and flesh-eating, what's preventing them from becoming the next evil species?

Lawyers, auditors, Encyclopedia Brittanica ads, lack of cute fur -- all these absolute necessities for pure evil to flourish simply are not a part of the lapine way.

Where can I learn more about the Devilbunny cause?

Not many human texts are available; those there are barely cover the topic adequately. Nonetheless, good places to start are the Peter Rabbit stories, Bugs Bunny cartoon scripts, and, of course, Watership Down (in both book and film format).

What is a Fudd and how do I recognize them?

Fudds are the humans walking around carrying fireaxes, smelling faintly of stale urine and muttering to themselves about bunnies. They are normally found on college campuses and like to do lots of training and spending time collecting various "samples". They are dedicated to thwarting the cause of the righteous devilbunnies and are intent on keeping their (supposed) control over the Earth so they can have wars whenever they want and wantonly destroy the planet [rufflestomp].

How can you tell when a person is a Fudd or normal?

Normal people do not spend their time hunting down cute, harmless, furry, adorable little creatures like bunnies [wigglefluff].

Do all Devilbunnies kill?

Not hardly! Some are dedicated to peace and seek friendlier relations with other races. These are cute buns who devote themselves to learning how to heal, spread cuteness and generally be just adorable [honest! fluff]

Can I be cute?

Most definitely. Just try hopping, or bouncing or wiggling or giggling or twitching or hugging or any number of things. Its really not that hard. If you want lessons, almost any doe would be willing to teach you, or just watch kits - they're naturals.

Do all Devilbunnies make sense?

Not always, but the temporary fooleries committed by such bunnies is a good price to pay when considering the alternative: allowing humans to proceed to the world's ultimate end.

Where can I find out more information?

This is the Bunny version of the FAQ, containing most of the most basic info you should need. There is also a Fudd version, containing their side of the story. The Ground Rules are intended for those who want to post on the newsgroup. There are also several Supplements to the FAQ, containing a Who's Who, a discussion of technology, a history of the DBs, and several other interesting and informative things. There is an Index which indicates where to find the information contained in the FAQs and Supplements. Please note that this FAQ contains all of the information that you are likely to need in perusing the group. The Supplements (all 18 of them!) contain more detailed information that you might need, or just feel curious about. It's a lot of reading, but I've tried to cut it down into bite-sized chunks for you! The basic rules of thumb are:

Is this information available in any other format?

Yes, we also have the official alt.dbs Website, maintained by Snowhare. You can access the appendices, the archives, and lots of other stuff from there!

This is the end of The DevilBunnies' side of the story. Any questions, comments, clarifications, flames, etc., should be sent to Bill Keyes.
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