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Supplemental FAQ Part 4
History of the DevilBunnies

Written on November 11, 1993. Updated on Nov 25 1993, Jan 4, Dec 10 1994, Jul 22 1997.
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What is the history of the DevilBunnies?
When did they first appear, what historical events have they taken part in, and what are some legends surrounding them?

The history of the DBs is a complicated and contradictory thing. Some evidence suggests that the DBs have been with us since ancient times, other data tells us that the DBs have only been with us for a couple of centuries, at most. One thing is sure, DB propaganda that says the DBs are a new phenomena are untrue. The historical record extends back to early America, at least. Here is a listing of (possible) DB activity extending from the most ancient times.

The ancient Egyptian God of Evil was Set (or Seth, or Suhtekh). He is usually depicted as a large, powerful man with a muzzle and long ears. Archaeologists have, in the past, thought that this represents the face of a jackel, but new evidence suggests that Set may have actually been a devilbunny god! Additionally, look at the things that Set represents: Pain, darkness, evil, plagues, locusts... the list goes on.

Julius Caesar briefly mentions reports of Legionaires being slaughtered by bunnies during his campaign in Brittainia. He dismisses the reports out of hand, suggesting that the Druids were using trickery.

Pliny the Elder, in his seminal "Natural History," also takes some time to talk about bunnies (Book 8, in the chapter titled Chimerae, Manticores, Werewolves, and Rabbits." For some reason, the last section of this chapter is edited out of most translations.

The earliest strong evidence we have of DBs dates from 8th century Britain, in which a lone bunny wreaked havok among the knights of King Arthur. This event is dramatized in the immortal "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail." Corroborating evidence is also found in some early church writings.

During the westward expansion of the early United States, there were many many reports of confrontation between the settlers and DBs. There is some evidence that many of the so-called "Indian Massacres" were actually engineered by the devilbunnies. Trappers and mountain men often held contests, whereinwhich they would boast of their bravery in the face of the bunnies, and trade devilbunny hides for supplies.

In the early 1960's, tragedy struck the United States, as its beloved president was shot dead. In reviewing the film of the shooting, experts were startled by the apparent poof of fur that was caught just disappearing behind the Grassy Knoll.

A bathroom, somewhere in Memphis, Tennessee. A legend lies sprawled on the plush carpet, a tuft of grey fur still clutched in his lifeless fist...

Some reports have the bunnies first appearing in the American West during the 19th century. This is entirely possible, but it is more likely that the Bunnies migrated here at about the same time the Europeans did. The Bunnies bred with the local stock of rabbit, in time spreading over the whole continent. We may never know.

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