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Supplemental FAQ Part 2
Fudd Technology and Weapons

Written on Oct 15 1993. Updated on Oct 25, Nov 11 1993, Jan 3, Dec 10 1994, Oct 10 1995, Mar 23, Jul 22 1997.
HTML version created September 5, 2001.
Compiled, written, and edited by Bill Keyes, with help from Lisa O'Donnell, Den Cuil, Keiran Turner, Mark Richardson, and others too numerous to list. Thanks all.

What can I use to fight the Devilbunnies?

Experienced Fudds have discovered several ways of dispatching the DBs.

Physical Weapons

Usually the most efficient, but check on your local laws and ordinances before trying most of them out.

Popping their heads off with your thumbs -- Not much of a trick to it, if you know how. This method is not recommended for novice hunters or for large DB infestations.

Fireaxe -- Not a flaming super-weapon, but rather the heavy, sharp axe used by firefighters to knock down doors, and by Fudds to chop up fuzzies. The ultimate in low-tech efficiency. A fireaxe goes through BunnyArmor like a hot weedwacker through butter.

Explosives, Flames, and Firearms -- Note, we the Bunnyhunters of the Army of Fudd do not condone the use of explosives within city limits.They are awfully nice in a tight situation, though. Make sure all of your licenses are in order!

BunnyShot -- Like buckshot for a shotgun, BunnyShot is a tighter spread of armor-piercing DUC shot, enough to stop anybunny, even an armored one, in its tracks. Used in shotguns, a hunter's choice of weapons.

Liquid Weapons

We have found the following liquids to be extremely useful against the DBs, but please note that the BunnyArmor seems to be sealed, so the efficiency is reduced, if not eliminated, against armored bunnies.

Holy Vanilla Extract -- The DBs have immunized themselves against normal VE, but Blessed VE seems to still work just fine.

Holy Human Urine -- Also works like acid. A word of warning, though, use bottled urine, not "straight from the tap," or you could end up being VERY defenseless. Of course, it's hard to find a priest who's willing to bless this stuff for you...

Moxie -- This strange soft drink, available only certain areas of the US, works almost exactly the same as holy Vanilla Extract. (See the Moxie FAQ for details).

Sonic Weapons

The DB's large ears make them vulnerable to many different types of sonics. Unfortunately, the BunnyArmor has ear coverings which block out most of the power of our weapons. Do not attempt to use these weapons against armored bunnies.

Music -- Certain types of music are anathma to the DB's ears. At low volume, the music stuns them, while at higher volumes, it actually causes their brains to rupture. Particularly effective is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Tiny Tim, and Stompin' Tom Connors. We've also recently found that seriously non-cute music, like almost anything by Nine Inch Nails, makes the bunnies very uncomfortable (to say the least!)

Other Weapons

Our labs are always testing the efficiency of new weapons to help stop the DBs. Here are a few:

BunnyStumper -- The Army of Fudd encoding device, which we use to disguise our messages from the bunnies. When the BunnyStumper is activated, only those with the special decoder (Fudds) can read the post. (See the Ground Rules FAQ for more details)

AntiBunnies -- A special serum which makes humans immune to the DB's unholy conversion methods. (See the BunnyVirus FAQ for more details)

Cuteness Imager -- This enables Bunnyhunters to spot DBs in any situation, be it at night, in heavy fog, or even against camouflaged Bunnies. To scan over large areas, we have developed the Cuteness Geometers.

Thus ends the second Supplement to the DevilBunny FAQ. As always, send your comments, questions, and concerns to Bill Keyes.
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