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The Mailing List
How To Choose Your E-Mail Targets

Last Update: May 8th, 1997

Compiled and maintained by Tammy Sue Keyes, with the help of Bill Keyes and others to numerous to name. Thank you all.

Dedicated to all the lurkers and writers out there. Without you, there would be no newsgroup. :)

***** The Mailing List *****

Why maintain and post a mailing list?

The purpose of this list is to help facilitate communication between writers off the newsgroup. For example when they are working on a plotline. This keeps the number of *OFF* posts down to a minimum.

My name, character, and e-mail address are not listed! How do I get them on the list?

You e-mail me, Tammy Sue, at: with the information you would like listed. I'll include that information in the next posting of the FAQs. Please be aware though, I will not include your information until you establish yourself on the group! :)

You got my e-mail address wrong, misspelled my name, and missed my character! What do I do now?

Don't panic! I'm only human and I do make mistakes. All you have to do is e-mail me, let me know what is wrong, I'll fix it, and it should be correct in the next posting.

Is there any other information you would like me to send you?

Your Real Life(tm) date of birth would be nice. >:) Please Note: NightWing has taken over announcing the birthdays for the group. If you have not received these announcements, make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list (see instructions below).

The character I need to contact is not listed! Now what do I do?

To save space, I only listed one alias per entry. If you have a question as to who writes what character, e-mail me. A complete list of characters is available upon request.

I've noticed that Daphnie, kyrie, and others are to be reached through someone else, why?

These writers, for what ever reason, wish to remain anonymous. They have requested that their e-mail address be withheld. If you need to reach them, e-mail the address listed and your message will be forwarded to them.

I'm confused, Snowhare has a mailing list too! What's going on?

The mailing list Snowhare maintains is a place for talking with all the authors at one time through e-mail. Mostly it is for discussion about the mythos or other *OFF* topics. [All praise the UNIX god! :) ]

How do I subscribe to this mailing list?

Send the following command in e-mail to: subscribe It does not matter what the subject is.

Now that I've subscribed to the list, how do I send a message?

Send mail to:

How do I get myself off the list if I need to?

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, send the following command in e-mail to: unsubscribe It does not matter what the subject is.

OK, I get the point, so where's the list?

Right below. Enjoy!
 Bensley, Ceredwyn   Sibyl            
 Bernier, Ron III    Dark Paw         
 Bernier, Scott      Eugene Pomerleau/Aldin Busheytail
 Blackburn, Kevin    President, Wynn Fan Club
 Boath, Garry        Garry Bunny      
 Carnahan, Randy     DuskRunner       
 Carpenter, Allen    Ozzy Carpenter   
 Chirico, Tillia     Atilly the Bun   
 Chisholm, Paul      "TinselTown" O'Donnel
 Colwell, John       Gryphon          
 DiMauro, Joshua     the Comedy Team from Hell
 Fieldhouse, Chris   Lucky Bunny      
 Forbes, Anne        Sarah Martel     
 Franz, Jerry        Snowhare         
 Franz, Susan        ShortHare        
 Gillespie, Amy      Amy, the *Cute* Fudd
 Heining, Michael    ULTRA computer   
 Herter, Scott       Red Fang        
 Holzworth, Doug     General LonGears 
 Huish, William      Barlycorn        
 JayKay              JK               
 Jesseph, Doug       Bubba, the Fuddite with Truck
 Kauffman, Karl      Chaos            
 Kendrick, Heather M BunnyHugger      
 Kennedy, Susan      Sargent Saak     
 Keyes, Bill         The BHX          
 Keyes, Tammy Sue    FluffyTeacher    
 Kneale, Heidi       DemHareIs        
 MacDougall, Doug    Snug Fuzz        
 Mandelbaum, Aaron   Teral            
 Mayo, Scott         John McGregor, AWF
 Mayo, Janet         Heather McGregor 
 Rapawy, Greg        Rick "My Rickie" Andersen
 Seggev, Guy         Istari Silver    
 Shepherd, Remus     the Physicist Without Fear
 Stickney, James Robert  Steekman, Jim R.
 Vieira, Judy        Merata Smith     
 Weitzman, Andrew    Admiral Marlin   
 ed                  Glasgow AoF Soviet
 JayZ                Mr.Bunny         
 Puppedog            Puppedog            
 Sadie Squirrel      Sadie            
 Wynn                Wynn             
 Aloysius, MiT       can be reached through
 Bunny Mentat        can be reached through
 Daphnie Mentat      can be reached through
 Kyrie Eleison       can be reached through

That's it folks! Send any questions, additions, complaints, corrections, or requests to: Tammy Sue Keyes @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- Tammy Sue Keyes Keeper of the alt.devilbunnies Mailing List FAQ

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